Medical Acupuncture

Professional medical acupuncture and massage for stress and relief of pain

Acupuncture Detox
In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), when brain chemistry is unstable (symptom), you don’t treat the symptom, you treat the cause of the problem. It is a powerful and fast way to remove toxins from the human body. The Acupuncture Detoxification Protocol is used to assist clients in detoxing their bodies from general harmful toxins such as toxins found in chemicals that are generally used in day to day life as well as narcotics, alcohol and other drugs. The Acupuncture detox method is used by over 1500 treatment centers and 25000 specialists worldwide. This method also assists clients going through the withdrawal process by easing the discomforts associated with it…
People affected by toxins in the body find themselves with three major organs that have become toxic. These organs are the lungs, liver and the kidneys. But in TCM, organs can not only become toxic from substances, they also store toxic emotions. Acupuncture detox works, because it detoxes the organs very quickly of both the toxic substances and emotions that leaves people more stable emotionally and chemically a lot faster and a lot more safely too.

Other Acupuncture treatments

Origin Treatment: before addressing the symptom the cause or origin has to be removed

Extraordinary Meridian: we re-educate the Autonomic Nervous System in its actions of giving and receiving

Symptom Treatment: when pulses are balanced, we treat the symptoms with Myo-Fascia approach

Pericardium Treatment: is specifically for problems related to behaviour, skin, digestive and defensive energy reactions

Trauma Removal Treatment: is used for when there is underlying trauma that doesn’t allow the problem to release